After the conference Toward a Science of Consciousness (2014), it became clear that there is a need for a conference with similar motives but from a holistic perspective. Not dominated by physical materialism, neurons or the limiting struggle to explain consciousness quantum mechanically. The vision for the new era of consciousness is to organize conferences that provide knowledge of transpersonal experiences and designed to impart knowledge of not only perception but also how to develop and take advantage of our most delicate senses.

A Multi-Perspective Presentation of Evolutionary Ideas is based on Pluralism and that is in a way contradictive to non-dualism and monism.

Methodological pluralism means that science is promoted by several (competing) methods that can be used in parallel to provide different perspectives on the same issue.

I would say that there is a clear difference between matter and mind. And that we need to explore what I call the hub that connect those two. That is also the problem actualized by David Chalmers in “The hard question”.

But most of all it is about connecting to emotion, intuition, spirituality, your soul and others.

This is demonstrated when unconditional love is present.

Börje Peratt

On the Origin of Consciousness