I started the organization Humanism & Knowledge in Sweden to form some sort of restart for humanism with it´s basic core of tolerance, empathy and compassion.

This was also inspiration to a new path.

And I believe the real force must be built in US. Because if it succeeds there it will more easily be spread.

To Quote Mr. John Wheeler from meeting at Tucson Airport April 26th 2014:

Creator put us together, consciousness will determine the next steps we take to improve this planet and all its children.

2 thoughts on “Purpose”

  1. WHAT?!? Where did these comments come from?

    (Tom I copy your Comment in your personal mail to me into your comment here, then you can edit it if you want:)

    “Because we are apart of the physical experience, I do feel that it is important to include the scientific perspective in our conference itinerary to show how the two aspects of existence, the Relative/physical and the Transpersonal/spiritual are symbiotically and synergistically in relationship with each other; that bridges the gap, solving the “Hard Problem” with evolutionary science, Nassim Haramein for example.

    But more importantly, yet still in balance, to stress the 1st person experiential approaches to consciousness. Remember, like studying the ocean, you can’t know the ocean fully until you go swimming in it. Included in this itinerary, should be practitioners, sages, product manufacturers such as for float tanks, or any other product to help people experience an altered state of attention (legally J ); musicians, visual artists, and film makers.

    The conference should accentuate a multicultural or diverse approach the relative study and experience of Awareness. (instead of consciousness)

    I would refrain from all philosophical presentation. Philosophy and Religion are the same, really. Look back at the Chopra vs. Searl, Goldstein debacle and see how that turned out. L

    Since the examination of the Authentic Nature of Existence and What we really are is or would reveal a more highly evolved way to express ourselves, we should be able to show what life on this planet could look like if we experienced, understood and expressed this Gnowledge in every day living. We should allow for the expression or display of highly evolved groups or societies such as Damanhur and other ecovillages; eco friendly technologies and endeavors.”

  2. Oh, ok….LOL

    (Comment #2 presonal mail to Börje Peratt from Thomas J. La Framboise:)

    “I don’t really see this as a competition with any other idea or organization. I see and approach this as a reflection of our combined understanding of what the Authentic nature of Life and Existence is. We would like to have a more equal balance of observation and personal experience.

    This conference will bridge the gap that David Chalmers’, ”Hard Problem” created.

    We are not going to be outside the society but right at it’s heart.

    Our message, our voice will be heard by ears on both sides of the aisles and we’ll not be concerned with our “enemies,” only securing our allies and surely, they will outweigh anyone.

    This is a momentous (betydelsefulla) task that must be independently seized. I think we can do it.”

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